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NEW The Pistol Poets ☆ Victor Gischler

  • Paperback
  • 340
  • The Pistol Poets
  • Victor Gischler
  • English
  • 05 June 2020
  • 9780440241690

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The Pistol Poets review Ô 100 read & download The Pistol Poets N suare blocks in East St Louis is headed due west With a32 in his pocket a 9mm Glock taped across his back and a rap sheet nearly as long as Finnegans Wake he’s cruising the halls of academia as Eastern Oklahoma U’s newest grad student looking for action and hoping he can stay one couplet ahead of his violent past While this new bad boy on campus makes mincemeat of his metaphors across campus visiting professor Jay Morgan has a pressing problem What to do about the dead coed in his bed The professor’s no killer but try telling that to private eye Deke Stubbs With the professor on the lam and Stubbs hot on his trail trouble blows into. Pistol Poets was good but not as good as Gischler s Gun Monkeys It s set at a college and features an English department which I suspect was inspired by his day job which isn t a bad thing but seemed a little trite and cliched Still it was an enjoyable read with fun characters and enough action to keep me interested A nice twist on modern noir pulp

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The Pistol Poets

The Pistol Poets review Ô 100 read & download The Pistol Poets The Edgar nominated author of Gun Monkeys is back with a thrill a minute suspense novel that mixes crime and academia with hilarious results Here Victor Gischler draws us into a wild and wicked world where tenured professors are busy burying bodies cash up front PI’s hunt for missing coeds and one desperate street tough has to decide which he’d rather be a live poet or a dead criminalAn unlucky grad student just got himself killed in a robbery gone bad And as lowly drug lieutenant Harold Jenks races with the killer out of the alley a light goes off in his head He’ll steal the dead kid’s identity Now Jenks who once lorded it over seve. Unlike The Gun Monkeys this time Gischler didn t make it In a screwball comedy plausibility is always on thin ground With this book he couldn t keep it in checkThe 2 stars go all for the hilarious one liners

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The Pistol Poets review Ô 100 read & download The Pistol Poets Town Now as St Louis drug boss Red Zach and his minions converge on Fumbee Oklahoma looking for a consignment of missing cocaine the bullets start flying faster than the zingers at a faculty hate fest For Morgan and Jenks now desperate fugitives from poetic justice survival means learning new skills and learning fast Because if they find out they’re bottom of the class that means they’re already dead Featuring the sleaziest sorriest and most captivating group of criminal lowlifes sexed up academics poets and rappers ever to collide in one crime novel The Pistol Poets speeds deliriously to its electrifying payoff From the Hardcover editio. A wickedly entertaining and at times funny novel this is sort of an American euivalent of Trainspotting set in the world of a college campusWhen Harold Jenks and his friend Spoon do a hold up in an alley that goes wrong Jenks thinks he can take over the victim s life and attend college and maybe make something of himself and escape the street lifestyle but he doesn t bargain on so many obstacles in his way namely his boss Red Zach getting caught up in murder drug busts and many other complications along the wayThe main story is offset by a whole host of other characters zany situations there is Jay Morgan who has slept with a college girl who overdosed on drugs and drink and wound up dead in his bed enter another girl with a penchant for college professors and a hint of danger who helps him to hide the body then there is Stubbs on the trail of Annie Walsh the murdered girlSo begins a crazy and frantic tale of mistaken identity car chases detectives sex drug heists hiding out in disused classrooms with crazy AWOL college professors and murderThere are so many threads to this story that though they all come together in the end its the kind of novel that is so fast paced that you have to read it to believe itSo many twists and turns its hard to keep upExciting well written and a modern day legend this novel is a one sitting feast if you have the time and is a lot better than the blurb on the back leads you to believeA wonderful read