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Promises of Seduction E–pub Download

  • Paperback
  • 384
  • Promises of Seduction
  • Brenda Jackson
  • English
  • 14 January 2018
  • 9780373534708

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Read ê Promises of Seduction 104 Two classic Westland novels from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Brenda Jackson The Durango AffairI'm having your babySavannah Claiborne's simple statement sets off an avalanche in Montana ranger Durango Westland's carefully ordered life Suddenly an unforgettable night of passion with the hazel eyed beauty has turned into a lifetime obligation for the confirmed bachelor. While this book is good I have come to realize that the Westland series is very typical of what people think of when they think about romance novels Most of the book happens within a span of two week and while I love a love story I want it to be a bit realistic

characters Promises of SeductionPromises of Seduction

Read ê Promises of Seduction 104 R Brooke betrayed him years before and Ian is willing to bet there's to her visit than she's admittingNo woman even came close to igniting the heat and passion inside him as Brooke once did And if Ian is going to discover what she's hiding what better way than by seducing her But in this game of bedroom cat and mouse the stakes are very high Raising the uestion will Ian's wager pay off. Author Brenda JacksonPublished By HarleuinAge Recommended AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5ReviewPromises of Seduction by Brenda Jackson was another awesome romantic stories This was two classic Westland series and a great love read and this is what can happen from a one night stand The Durango AffairSavannah Claiborne heroinewas a free lance photographer sister to Jessicanow she had found herself pregnantshe must inform the fatherhow would he take it She leaves Philadelphia for Montana to visit Durango Westland herofrom Montanawas a rangerbrother of Chase and sister in lawJessica What would happen when he found out about the babyNow what happens when two people who have been hurt in different ways by love will be able to find the everlasting love in each one Now we will have to see what will happen in this noveland this is where I say you must pick up this awesome read to find out just what will happen between these two peopleand nowIan s Ultimate GambleIan Westlandwould this person remain single even after seeing Ms Chamberlain after she had once betrayed himBrooke Chamberlainnow what was going on with them at this time Now again this is where I tell you in order to find out you must pick up the wonderful read to find out what is in store for Ian and Brooke For this author will keep you turning the pages till the end with such good writingAs always Ms Jackson produces such awesome read and I would definitely recommend Promises of Seduction to you as a excellent well written read

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Read ê Promises of Seduction 104 But Westland men always honor their responsibilities and leaving Savannah to raise his baby on her own is not an optionSo he proposes and she acceptswith one condition theirs will be a marriage in name only Ian's Ultimate GambleWinner takes allCasino owner Ian Westland thinks he's seen the last of Brooke Chamberlain that is until she checks in to his resort claiming to need a little R. I got two hot steamy stories in one JACKPOT