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EBOOK DOWNLOAD Looking for Alibrandi AUTHOR Melina Marchetta

  • Kindle Edition
  • 260
  • Looking for Alibrandi
  • Melina Marchetta
  • English
  • 20 January 2020
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Melina Marchetta ↠ 8 Read

Download ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Melina Marchetta Free read ↠ Looking for Alibrandi 108 His is the year she meets her father the year she falls in love the year she searches for Alibrandi and finds the real truth about her family – and the identity she has been searching for A moving and revealing book unus. When I was in school we routinely had to complete projects about our heritage People asked and still ask what are you meaning what is your nationality A lot of these projects ended up with discussions about why third or fourth generation Americans still call themselves Irish Italian Korean Filipino Greek etc instead of saying they are American first My blood is pretty watered down at this point Irish Swedish German Spanishbut it really doesn t matter I m sure kids in other primarily immigrant countries had to do the same kinds of projectspresentations I identify most with the mish mash of cultural traditions that my immediate family celebrates and those of my dearest friends than those of any specific country from which my ancestors hailed Sometimes I wish I was full blooded something or at least enough that I could be part of an ethnic community but until American Mutt becomes an ethnic category I think I m out of luck It is fun to go crazytime on St Patrick s Day make Pepparkakor and put sauerkraut on tons of stuff though As much as I couldn t connect with Josie s Italian culture I totally understood the Catholic school and community situation It s a close knit community and everyone knows everyone else s business This is especially true when people have a lot of siblings Josie was perhaps lucky in that regard And feeling guilty about everything GUILTY Anyway I totally understood Josie s confusion about her identity and her and several other characters confusion about their futures I kept putting this book off because it was the last contemporary YA Marchetta book that I d yet to read and I ve been told many times that it was probably her weakest book which to me meant that it would still be better than 98% of the YA out there Turns out I think it was my favorite Melina Marchetta reading experience to date The narrator for the audiobook was perfect I watched the movie the other day and I almost wished slash actually did wish that some of the characters had the narrator s voice instead of the actors voices I wish I could take back watching the movie because it felt trivial compared the book I suppose that is what I truly enjoyed most about the book though Josie was living everyday life and getting up to no good with her friends seeing a boy her family might disapprove of and feuding with a girl at school but all the while she was thinking of her cultural identity what she would do in the future how people s individual life choices affect where their paths go and about the difference between sadness and pure despair view spoilerI totally bawled about John Barton hide spoiler

characters Looking for Alibrandi

Looking for Alibrandi

Download ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Melina Marchetta Free read ↠ Looking for Alibrandi 108 Melina Marchetta's stunning debut novel Looking for Alibrandi is one girl's story of her final year at school a year she sets herself free Josephine Alibrandi is seventeen and in her final year at a wealthy girls' school T. Things don t turn out the way you want them to And sometimes when they don t they can turn out just a little bit better If anyone would ask me what makes up the best YA contemporary novel I d simply say Read Looking for Alibrandi It makes me appreciate that I ve read this just now because had I read it years ago the rest of these YA contemporaries would have probably been a little letdown To tell you honestly nothing about the plot is too complex to make it special It s basically a story of Josephine Alibrandi a 17 year old Aussie Italian girl on her way to discovering her place in the world But how the story was put across through the use of these amazing elements of diversity culture humor social impact authenticity and even romance were what made the story so current even though it s actually already a classic novel so adorable so touching so real and so hilarious I can t stop laughing at the 90s fad shoulder pads teased hair Mills Boons LMAOI am used to Ms Marchetta s beautiful sophisticated and usual flowery writing but of the three books of her I ve read her simple heartfelt writing style here is what has completely won me over I have a full page dedicated only for the uotes I copied from the book Click the spoiler if you want to read some of them view spoiler Don t hide it from me Mama I ll be strong for you Josephine you are not too old to be slapped I wasn t worth it Mama You should have gone with the abortion The youth of today we d never be able to cope with the pressure our mothers and grandmothers went through Simple dreams are the hardest to come true A person doesn t necessarily have to be happy just because they have social standing and material wealth Living is the challenge Dying is so easy hide spoiler

Download ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Melina Marchetta

Download ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Melina Marchetta Free read ↠ Looking for Alibrandi 108 Ual for its honesty and its insight into the life of a young person on the brink of adulthood Multi award winning a bestseller and made into an award winning feature film Looking for Alibrandi has become a modern classic. I knew it I just knew that my complete love for Melina Marchetta was clouded only by her 3rd person POV And this book is the proof that I was right I m relieved I got that out of my systemI loved this book Loved it It s up there with Saving Francesca and Jellicoe Road But possibly I loved this book even than the others Now I m going to tell you why In 1956 my grand uncle was 16 when he kissed his mum and dad goodbye jumped on a boat and took off for Australia in search of fortune with his aunt My grand aunt his future wife was 3 when her whole family left the teeny tiny village of Caltrano Italy got on another boat and set off for the same country They met there married there had children there and I m pretty sure that s where they will die one day They come visit once in while and very rarely we visit too Last time I went there was eons ago I was 16 and stayed with them for a whole summer I got to be sucked in the Italian community in Melbourne was mesmerized by their inbreeding shocked by their Sunday clubs where they gather and gorge on gargantuan amounts Italian food I was rendered speechless by sold out concerts of bad bad Italian singers who nobody in Italy wants to see ever again and that mysteriously gather huge crowds in Australia We re not like that in Italy I thought Not even close Especially not us in the North When my cousin comes to Italy he comes looking for his Roman roots he says And I reluctantly remind him that our family is actually likely to have descended from the barbarians than from Romans You think he cares His eyes glaze over and I know he s dreaming of panem et circenses So that s not Italy Except when I really think about it it actually is Just less Emigrants in the 50s and 60s left the country and took with them all those s and folklore that belonged to us But then they isolated and mutated in a way But all of it is true When I was in Australia with my relatives all I could see were exasperated features of Italian culture many of which belonged to the past They even developed their own language a mix of regional dialects and made up words borrowed from English Amazing The tomato day thing in the book I have crystal clear memories of my gran and aunt doing that during my childhood just in a less colorful way And my mother in law still makes tomato sauce exactly that way every year with tomatoes from her gardenSo yeah a good part of my family are actually wogs If you put that together with Marchetta s perceptive rendering of human emotions her impressively smooth writing style and her usual excellence at characterization you might see why I am actually fascinated by this book I swear I will read each and every word this woman will ever publish HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDNo wait I have to add this favorite uote from the book I just don t trust people who have bodies that change with their moods Boy was this me as a teenager Follow my reviews at NightReader