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[E–pub/Pdf] Nightingale Way Author Emily March

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 310
  • Nightingale Way
  • Emily March
  • English
  • 27 December 2020
  • 9780345528780

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Emily March ✓ 0 Read & download Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Emily March Nightingale Way Review ✓ 100 Worries never sharing himself After tragedy strikes their marriage shatters Now a threat to Catherine Blackburn's life brings her back into his and gives them a second chance A reporter whose most recent investigation has ignited a national controversy and put her in harm's way Cat thinks she can. 75 71013 The lovely thing about this series is that each time you read a book it s like revisiting old friends and checking in with them from time to time There s such a peacefulness about these books that I always feel relaxed afterwards I guess it s the Angel s Rest and Eternity Springs influence This story centers around Cat Blackburn and her rescue by ex husband Jack Davenport the mysterious and handsome and wealthy spy who lives on the fringes of Eternity Springs and who we haven t really gotten to know before this They have a tumultuous past that hasn t been resolved compounded by the problem that Jack works in the CIA and reports to her distant mother We reconnect with Sarah and Cam just before their wedding and join the rest of the gang in the festivities Looking forward to the next installment129 121219 I do enjoy this series and this so far is my favorite this second time around Jack is a mysterious wealthy man a CIA agent who doesn t visit the town of Eternity Springs very often just staying at his estate nearby from time to time But he s cousin to Cam Murphy and is now making an effort to visit often Cat is his ex wife who during their marriage couldn t deal with his privacy and disappearances for the job after having also dealt with it her whole life with her CIA agent mother But when Cat s investigative journalist job puts her in danger Jack whisks her away to Eternity Springs for her safety Of course they begin to rediscover their love for each other but they are admittedly gun shy and tentative The warmth of Eternity Springs helps them as well as the friendships they have there and it s nice to revisit with friends from previous books for the reader as well I liked these characters and their real problems but then it lost a half a point when one of them decided to make the final decision for both of them then acted on it I hate that There s never an instance when one part of a couple should get to decide their fate on hisher own It should always be a mutual decision that s a real pet peeve of mine and I was sorry that March made that an integral part of the story As a matter of fact that type of single mindedness and self centered behavior with her characters is what is making this series less attractive to me this second time around March often includes that sort of decision making in her plots in order to create a little drama I suppose but it unfortunately rubs me the wrong way So I d really rate this 35 stars but since I can t do that for Goodreads then I ll stick with a 4 star rating In any case there s the expected happy ending and it was fun to be a part of Sarah and Cam s wedding There s also an amusing story around Sarah s bachelorette party Well narrated by Kathe Mazur as always who provides a decent difference between her voices and does a nice job for the male voicing I ll keep listening to this series especially since I m looking forward to Sheriff Zach s story

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Emily March ✓ 0 Read & download Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Emily March Nightingale Way Review ✓ 100 Eternity Springs is a magical place where hearts come to heal with a little help As Emily March's beloved series continues a broken marriage finds new wings to fly Dark brooding Jack Davenport hides his secrets well never telling his wife about the dangers of his job never sharing his thoughts or. The thing that makes Emily March s Eternity Springs series great is its characters their struggles and close knit bond and I am so glad this time around we see Jack get his happy ending I have wanted to read about Jack Davenport since ages he s a mysterious man who works for the CIA and drops in at his house at Eagle s Way in the town of Eternity Springs uietly before disappearing againIn the last book he kind of kidnapped Cat his ex wife For me this book worked on so many levels we gradually see the heart ache and pain that lies between these two and how they came to fall for each other and even get divorced four years agoCatherine Ann Blackburn is an investigative journalist laid off her job but enjoying her freelance and volunteer work When her house is fire bombed her mother sends Jack to the rescue Cat hasn t spoken to Jack since he walked out and served her divorce papers at that time the silence suited her she was hurting and was clinically depressed from losing her daughter who was still born In the past few years she has moved forward in life the grief for her daughter Lauren is still there so is the anger against Jack He wasn t there when she stopped feeling her daughter when she had to go through labour that was pointless and when she buried her daughterCat and Jack s relationship had hurdles from the start Jack s boss was her CIA mother Cat s relationship with her mother has never been warm and fuzzy and she met and fell for him twelve years ago her mother opposed their union but they had love and Jack worked as a bureaucrat and not in the field then Then came her fertility problems his move to agent status and time away then their baby died and Cat lost it and Jack couldn t get through to her and their marriage endedI found the flashbacks brutal and we do see in many ways what problems plagued their marriage It wasn t the absence of love it was in many ways Jack and Cat s inability to handle his job Jack never shared his work even his past was off limits He never told her that his parents and siblings perished in a fire when he was eleven and that was what drove him to save people but Jack could not save the most important people in his life He learnt to compartmentalize at eleven and that led him to keep parts of him separate from his wife and that is not what marriage is about They never got to have closure and then they talk finally about what happened when she lost the baby he hurt as well but she had shut down and when she finally tells him she has a picture and Jack feels hurt that he never got to see it such a poignant moment She had been his oasis from the reality of work but their fertility treatments changed that he didn t take them very well and threw himself into his workWith the passage of time and distance came maturity and regrets from Jack s side He feels bad that he never fought for Cat and didn t tell her things she deserved to know and now that they were not married and mature he shared things with her I liked how Cat saw that Jack had changed and she too had become stronger and mature Jack told her about his friends and even his family Jack was open about wanting a second chance and told her he loved her while time had made Cat wary I disliked how her mother interfered between these two and never could make myself like her Cat has insecurities because in her eyes Jack had chosen his job over her again and again and she was still the same person who couldn t handle that while she had come to see that Jack was a hero and should do his workI have to admit I loved the other residents of Eternity Springs Cam and Sarah get married Sage has her baby and all the other people we have come to love Celeste as usual gives Jack some great adviceI loved seeing these two make their way back to each other dealing with the anger the past the unspoken words and the doubts to come together as better individuals even in love than before This is a series which works well if you read it from the start and I for one can t wait to visit Eternity Springs again ARC provided by publisher through Netgalley

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Emily March ✓ 0 Read & download Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Emily March Nightingale Way Review ✓ 100 Handle herself So when Jack grabs her off the street and sweeps her to his home above Eternity Springs she's furious In the warm sanctuary of the Eternity Springs community Jack and Cat face the heartache that drove them apart But can they find the courage to pick up the pieces of a shattered love. This series is really growing on me a second chance love story handled with sensitivity The inspirational aspects are still there but blended into the storyline in a realistic way 35 stars