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House of Cards [E–pub New]

  • Paperback
  • 368
  • House of Cards
  • David Ellis Dickerson
  • English
  • 07 March 2020
  • 9781594484865

David Ellis Dickerson ð 7 free read

free read Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ð David Ellis Dickerson House of Cards characters ´ 107 David Ellis Dickerson ð 7 free read Ark writing greeting cards he discovered his limited life experience as a fundamentalist raised 26 year old virgin left him woefully unprepared for the worldly sentiments he was. I thought this might be an interesting book about what it is like to write greeting cards for a living While there is a bit of that here working for Hallmark in the mid 1990 s was both prosaic and weird than you d expect mostly this is just about DaveAnd Dave s problems He s a relapsed evangelical Christian He s been engaged to his girlfriend for six years and they remain faithful even though for three of those years she s been away working on her PhD and they see each other once or twice per year He s an over educated over thinking geek with an MFA degree who is struggling financially He struggles with understanding and applying the social graces reading between the lines of his own autobiographical writing he really creeps a lot of people out at Hallmark but doesn t know or know why when he does find outAnd uite frankly judging from the stories he tells on himself he is creepy He describes an episode of voyeurism walking across a lawn to peer into a house like a common peeping tom He wonders through a department story perfume section staring at women s breasts He prowls the halls of Hallmark looking for empty conference rooms sleeping under a conference room table then bursting out as a meeting is about to begin He hires an escort with a wordy explanation to his fiance and her tentative approval to provide sexual favors his fiance refuses to provide His career goal when he realizes that Hallmark is not it is to return to college for his PhD and one of his major motivators as a 30 year old is to celebrate his new found sexual liberation with willing and as near to naked as possible coeds at Florida State University chosen over two other universities because of the nearness to nakedness factorHe attributes this career and life change to his freedom from years of fundamentalist guilt over sex I attribute it to his creepiness Dave has serious issues I have two daughters aged 20 and 25 and I would not want him near them and frankly I think they would instinctively and wisely steer well clear of him if he were at their schoolOK so why would anyone read House of Cards Well despite or perhaps because of his issues Dave is a smart and funny writer and tells a good story The insight when he gives it of working at Hallmark is interestingIn fact I wonder if the story is too good sometimes He tells us that before going to work for Hallmark he had a story idea and outline of a novel about working at a greeting card company When he tells us this along with the prefatory note that the character names are changed and some are composites and some events have been compressed or modified I wonder how much of his memoir is true and how much of is a non fictionalized version of his novel

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House of Cards

free read Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ð David Ellis Dickerson House of Cards characters ´ 107 David Ellis Dickerson ð 7 free read A hilarious and honest memoir by an ex greeting card writer ex virgin fundamentalist and current This American Life contributor When David Dickerson landed his dream job at Hallm. Two stars for this memoir about David Dickerson s short career at Hallmark Cards One of two things would have had to happen for me to give this book a higher rating Either I would have to like Dickerson or the story about Hallmark should have been interesting This is all despite the fact that I think Dickerson is a good writer his prose are readable clear precise and conciseAs to the former the author came across to me as a self absorbed whiner who was socially and professionally shunned time and time again but never once thought to himself Maybe it s me Well David I think it was you And as for his virginitysexualityweird girlfriend issues I found them boring The Hallmark part of the memoir seemed to be colored so much by the chip on Dickerson s shoulder that it made me think that I wasn t getting a good view of this fabled American institution What a fascinating industry supplying the sentiment for people s personal communications So much could have been delved into if in fact Dickerson would have made this to be about Hallmark I received this book as a Firstreads giveaway book When I first got the book in the mail I was excited to get into the book Two positive endorsement uotes printed on the top of the front cover piued my interest One was from a Wall Street Journal reviewer who called the book wickedly funny The other uote was from Mike Reiss longtime writer for The Simpsons and an author of kids books that I ve always found clever and funny Reiss s endorsement was enough for me to be interested Reiss liked the book To borrow from my own review supra maybe it s me but I don t think so

free read Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ð David Ellis Dickerson

free read Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ð David Ellis Dickerson House of Cards characters ´ 107 David Ellis Dickerson ð 7 free read Expected to deliver Here Dickerson chronicles his bumpy and hilarious journey to relatively modern single guy confronting his past his beliefs his relationships and his virginity. House of Cards is about many things cards humor puzzles creativity love sex and religion David Ellis Dickerson winds up getting what seems like his dream job at Hallmark He thinks that because he s a puzzle lover having proposed to his girlfriend via crossword puzzle and because he s passionate about cards that it ll be a perfect fit He introduces readers to a world of categories and subcategories for holidays you ve heard of and holidays you haven t but the heart of this book is Dickerson s story of figuring out who he is as separate from his father his fianc and most especially who he grew up thinking he would beHe finds that he doesn t uite fit in with the culture of Hallmark getting reprimanded for walking around and talking too much He resorts to curious and creative ways of making his brain work the way it needs to the most hilarious of which has him lying under a desk in a conference room with his notepad while a woman walks in and starts to set up a meeting Any writer or other creative person will unfortunately identify with the outlandish lengths he ll go to to create the perfect environment for writing even going so far as to endanger his job in order to get his job doneMeanwhile he s a 26 year old virgin Then a 27 year old and 28 year old and 29 year old virgin one who is curious about sex but has been the one to instigate the wait until he and Jane are married When they finally decide to get it on the results are only comic in a tragic ironic kind of way the poignancy of his wanting to draw a bath for his beloved which she pointedly refuses is powerful He writes I had been so well trained as a Christian that it was actually impossible for me to believe that fun sex might be important His attempts to stay with what he thinks is right and be true to his longings have him hiring a prostitute but only so he can feel her up yes really What ensues can definitely be described as comicMy biggest problem with the book was a one page turnaround from his lifelong faith and devotion to religion to becoming an atheist Perhaps it was as dramatic and immediate as it s presented on the page but it struck me as abrupt especially from someone who has obviously considered his own faith converting from an evangelical Christian to a Catholic