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  • Paperback
  • 256
  • The Sidekicks
  • Will Kostakis
  • English
  • 11 August 2018
  • 9780143309031

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Free download Ü The Sidekicks ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Nt secrets But they shared the same best friend They were sidekicks And now that Isaac's gone what does that make themWill Kostakis award winning a. When Isaac dies unexpectedly Ryan Harley and Miles realise that they have nothing in common and that really they re not friends at all They only hung out together because of Isaac The book is effectively broken into three each part told from the perspective of one of the three from the time they find out Isaac is dead Each story builds upon the next so Ryan s story ends with something that happens about half way through Harley s story and Miles story goes for several days than Harley s I liked all three of the narrators but I don t think any of the three particularly stood out to me Ryan is a sweet jock struggling with the loss of the only person other than his boyfriend that he s out to Harley issort of a hot mess but the kind who manages to be endearing And Miles is an adorable little suish who very much reads as being on the autism spectrum without it ever being explicitly stated Anyway I understand why a lot of people thought this was repetitive because you do cover a lot of the same ground But I LOVED that we got to see the same situation from multiple perspectives Admittedly the essay writing business thing got old pretty damned fast but the rest was wonderful Hands down my favourite part was the ending ALL OF THE FEELINGS

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Free download Ü The Sidekicks ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Uthor of The First Third perfectly depicts the pain and pleasure of this teenage world piecing together three points of view with intricate splendo. The Sidekicks is a magnificent male narrative exploring the harrowing loss of a friend through grief reflection and remembrance It s often the uiet unassuming reads that effect us most it was beautiful Isaac is a charismatic young man who the reader connects with through the memories and stories of his peers after his tragic passing Three young men with one common factor IsaacRyan is The Swimmer an Olympic hopeful who s athleticism has afforded him a privileged position within the school Ryan and Isaac shared a wonderful friendship based on trust Isaac having kept Ryan s confidence until the very end Ryan is gay and isn t yet comfortable sharing his sexual preferences with his peers for fear of persecution Ryan often refers to himself as the third person Ryan Patrick Thomson Olympic hopeful and seen as a popular athlete with very little to offer academicallyHarley is The Rebel he self medicates with alcohol and his friendship with Issac was seemingly based upon addiction and dependence Harley is a border at Barton House his mother paying for his tuition after returning to the United States and abandoning him and his father Underneath the coarse facade Harley is deeply grieving the loss of his friend rousing feelings of his mother s abandonment and returns home to his fatherMiles is uietly intelligent and is now reflecting on his friendship with Issac believing that their friendship was just one of convenience Months before Issac died the two formed a partnership to create a short film in which Miles was praised but is now obsessing over the hours of filming between takes isolating himself within the media room and piecing together their friendship with a series of broken scenesRyan Issac and Miles are three distinct individuals all reeling over the loss of their friend Their grief was palpableTime is pulling is apart With every second that passes the space between us widens Today I saw him yesterday In a few days it will have been last week Then last month And there is nothing I can do to keep time from wedging of itself between us It is inevitableMy heart The Sidekicks is an honest captivating and illumination of the male narrative of the many facets of grief self doubt and the intricacy of male friendships It was incredible I enjoyed how the narrative was three separate although interconnecting viewpoints surrounding the loss of Issac I felt Ryan was the engaging character his narrative of losing the only person who he had confided in the pressure of being an athlete and the casual homophobic slurs overheard from teachers and peers alike added to his anguishThe Sidekicks is magnificent Poignant endearing and bittersweet Will Kostakis is a remarkable author creating a narrative with a uiet intensity and conviction I loved it Immensely

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Free download Ü The Sidekicks ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB The Swimmer The Rebel The NerdAll Ryan Harley and Miles had in common was Isaac They lived different lives had different interests and kept differe. I managed to not shed a tear the entire time and then the last page broke me I NEED MORE To the Heart of the Rainbow in common was Isaac They lived different lives had different The Earl of Rayne's WardLord Hawkridge's SecretBetrayed and Betrothed interests and kept differe. I managed to not shed a tear the entire time and then the last page broke me I NEED MORE