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[Burn for You Gullys Fall #1] Download ☆ Angela Verdenius

  • Kindle Edition
  • 454
  • Burn for You Gullys Fall #1
  • Angela Verdenius
  • English
  • 21 January 2019
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Angela Verdenius ¼ 6 characters

Burn for You Gullys Fall #1 Free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB One horrendous encounter with bikers left Ash shattered Arriving in Gully’s Fall in search of a new life she didn’t count on. This was a sweet romance featuring a plus sized heroine running from a tragic event in her recent past and a hunky and very protective fireman hero I loved that unlike many romances where the heroine is supposed to be plus sized but is actually portrayed as a size 10 12 the author portrays the heroine as a true plus sized woman And I adored the fact that the hero Is crazy for her body and practically drools over her wide hips and the plump booty The author is Australian and the book does take place in Australia hence there there was uite a bit of Aussie slang featured with which I am not at all familiar Fortunately the author considerately included a glossary of all of the slang used in the book This American reader was very appreciative and found it to be uite handyThis isn t a romcom I don t read those but I was very entertained by the silly banter between the hero and his three friends all of whom have their own book

Read Burn for You Gullys Fall #1Burn for You Gullys Fall #1

Burn for You Gullys Fall #1 Free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Desire for her steadily growing to an erotic burn Can he discover the cause of her wariness and convince her to give him a chanc. Ash has decided to travel across Australia in search of some peace from a traumatic attack She s working hard to move on but she s still fragile and very leery of men in general and bikers in particular So when she meets Scott on the side of the road when her car breaks down she s less than comfortable Slowly Ash decides to figure out if she s ready to stop roaming and start living againThe Good and the OkThis is a bit angsty of a tale than Ms Verdenius usual and I uite liked it Ash has been through alot and her fears are genuinely believable I actively rooted for her to overcome her fears She is a BBW heroine but it wasn t the focal point and I thought it worked very well That being said if you ve read a Verdenius book before it s not that far off the tried and true formula Which means other than Ash s past trauma the setup is very similar to her earlier BBW booksThe Bottom LineAn enjoyable read with a very likeable heroine

Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ Angela Verdenius

Burn for You Gullys Fall #1 Free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Falling for the hunky motorbike riding fireman who rescued her when her car broke downScott’s drawn to the rubenesue beauty his. Man I love this author The fact she s an Aussie writer is just icing on the cakeHer characters are just so lovable relatable with the right degree of kookiness yes kookinessI will say I didn t think Ash would have been uite so uick to accept intimacy but am willing to be optimistic and just say Scott was the right guy to help her heal I just can t wait until the next one