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[Then AUTHOR Julie Myerson] E–pub à Julie Myerson

  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • Then AUTHOR Julie Myerson
  • Julie Myerson
  • English
  • 25 November 2020
  • 9780224093750

Julie Myerson ¾ 4 Free read

Then AUTHOR Julie Myerson Read & Download Ç 4 Julie Myerson ¾ 4 Free read Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Julie Myerson Horrific shocking mercies a world traumatic even than the desolate present Then is a novel of singular invention and bravery With it Julie Myerson has created an echo chamber of the heartbreaking and the terrifying and an enduring apocalyptic visi. This is brutal and powerful and heartbreaking but it s one I ll keep because it s brilliant Definitely not a book for everyone More for those who like contemplating the meaning of life death and everything in between

review Then AUTHOR Julie Myerson

Then AUTHOR Julie Myerson

Then AUTHOR Julie Myerson Read & Download Ç 4 Julie Myerson ¾ 4 Free read Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Julie Myerson Up of fellow survivors she takes refuge in an abandoned skyscraper in what was once the financial centre But spectres stalk the empty offices and endless corridors and soon visions of a forgotten world emerge a world of broken love and betrayal and. London and a curious apocalypse has befallen the city One February day the temperature soared At first Londoners basked in the unseasonal warmth but as buildings began to erupt into flames exuberance turned to panic Then the temperature dropped again and snow began to fall plunging Britain into a frozen permafrost returnreturnThe tale is related by a narrator who struggles to remember what happened or who she is Holed up in an office building in the City with a small group of strangers she experiences flashbacks and begins to catch small glimpses of her life as it was before Eventually the truth is unveiled and the collision of personal tragedy and collective disaster comes to lightreturnreturnI love a good disaster movie and the meteorological catastrophe underpinning this story hit all the buttons for me Myerson s descriptions of a familiar city in crisis were evocative and at times moving returnreturnThe characters are excellent Each earns their own place in the story and Myerson has created a story with no or no fewer characters than were reuired to carry out the plot In particular I thought the narrator s voice was very well written with stark confusion and misunderstanding pervasive throughoutreturnreturnMy only gripe is that it takes a long time to get going The first few chapters are entirely disjointed which is vital to understanding the narrator s state of mind but I felt this part of the book was longer than it needed to be If you start to lose patience halfway through don t Persevere and it gets much better towards the end You ll be glad you did

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Then AUTHOR Julie Myerson Read & Download Ç 4 Julie Myerson ¾ 4 Free read Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Julie Myerson It was 922 the moment when everything stopped First there was the burning air then came the darkness the fire and finally the frostNow in a frozen wasted London a woman uncertain even of her own name is fighting to stay alive Along with a small gro. I m going to give this 4 stars for now For the first part of this book I was a bit confused as was the protagonist who is largely without memory and living in an office high rise after what would appear to be the end of the world as we know it Outside everything is frozen or on fire There is no electricity no communications and it would seem very few people left alive This is the stuff nightmares are made ofI m going to say little else about the actual story here other than the fact that I am in AWE of the bravery of this author to have written this story To have explored this scenario as she did Sadly I was away holidaying with other people when I read this and this is a novel where the horror of what s coming creeps up behind you slowly like a murderous lover You know it s coming but you just can t turn around and make it stop The sort of book that really really needs to be read where you know you will not be interruptedAs the final scenes in this book were tearing my heart out and smashing it forcibly against the wall and the rock in my throat was beginning to choke me someone entered the room and noticed I was a tad traumatised And they commented God you get way too involved in the books you read they are meant to be escapism and the moment was lost for me Damn it It s a bloody good book if I m involved It s what I lust after books that offer engagement inspiration insight heart breaking gut wrenching bloody INVOLVEMENT God damn it don t waste a tree otherwise So whilst I read it then I need to read this again Soon Because it deserves to be felt again deeply I don t have children and this book has haunted me for over a week now I can t say what this would be like for a mother to readAnd I can t imagine ever liking a moment of winter ever again