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  • Striptease
  • Georges Simenon
  • en
  • 09 April 2020
  • 9781842430873

Georges Simenon ↠ 4 Summary

Striptease Summary Ò 4 The club owner from his wife but another ambitious young stripper beats her at her gam. A fascinating psychological investigation into the minds of working girls Their motivations and jealousies are x rayed by a man who should know Better than I expected

review StripteaseStriptease

Striptease Summary Ò 4 Sh tights and spangled G strings one girl has higher aspirations She intends to steal. My second Simenon the other being one of his Maigret novels This is an interesting book with just the right touch of pulp The way Simenon describes these women is sort of chauvinistic Still I ll let that slide because I see this novel as a study of a micro cosmos a millieu It s set in the red light district of Cannes where a lot of people have a dirty job However many of these people especially the girls a complex characters Often they have a backstory wound something terrible that has happened to them in their lives When Celita considers the sum of her life alone at 32 dead child being replaced by a much younger girl without any perspective she can only come to the conclusion that she is a tragic character Simenon does not seem to have a clear vision where this novel is headed plotwise Nothing much happens The end is uite boring A little plot combined with the atmospheric description of the red light world of Cannes it could have been a much better novel 355

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Striptease Summary Ò 4 An unusual tale is set in a seedy night club on the Riviera in Cannes In a world of me. It s not my usual genre but I m going through material of this subject matter as research for my own writing hobbiesIt started to feel a little repetitive in the first part to the point of my nearly giving it up due to the writer s trademark detective styles coming through in the form of a crime case reuiring an InspectorHowever I battled through and reached part two which blew me away and made me feel so rewarded for having stuck it out as a new Simenon readerI feel the characters their arc their dialogue was pitch perfect As for the scenery and the timeline I fell in love hearing about all the beautiful and less beautiful still so in my eyes French locations and the stylishness of Cannes give me that classic polo shirt bronzed skin hairy chest white tanlines and sunglasses vibeI ll read Georges Simenon