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KINDLE [The Cage]

  • Paperback
  • 352
  • The Cage
  • Gordon Weiss
  • English
  • 23 February 2020
  • 9781847921390

Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters

The Cage Free download Ý 7 review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon Weiss Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters As Weiss relates the tale of an island paradise torn apart by war he raises critical uestions Were war crimes committed Was this the Obama administration's first human rights failure as suggested by Time magazine Does China's central role in the Sri Lankan government's victory sound a warning for democratic progressGordon Weiss has lived in New York and worked in numerous conflict and natural disaster zones including Bosnia Afghanistan Darfur and Haiti Employed by the United Nations for over twelve years he is now a visiting scholar at Sydney University and a correspondent for Australia's Global Mail. At heart I don t think Gordon Weiss is a long form writer He was formerly a UN official and the prose and structure of The Cage seems to show someone who naturally writes briefing papers than full length books Although The Cage is a short 230 pages at times I felt it could have been edited down further still and benefited from another editorial pass because of some occasionally clunky phrasing These uibbles aside I think this is well worth the read Weiss details the last stages of the civil war in Sri Lanka a conflict which was largely ignored or dismissed by the international community It s a pretty damning indictment of all sides involved and a lament for the fact that those responsible for so much pain and suffering will probably never be held accountable Not an easy read but a worthwhile one

review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon WeissThe Cage

The Cage Free download Ý 7 review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon Weiss Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters An incisive first account of the formation history and bloody dissolution of the rebel Tamil Tigers in Sri LankaAn excellent account scrupulously fair The EconomistThis shattering heart breaking tale of savagery and suffering not only lifts the veil that conceals one of the most awful tragedies of the current era but also helps us understand what should be done not just in this sad and beautiful land but long before other such horrors spiral out of control Noam Chomsky institute professor and professor of linguistics MIT and author of Hopes and ProspectsIn the final days of the thirty year Sri Lankan. A solid introduction to the end of the conflict and the background A damning indictment of the Rajapaksa government The army continues after the end of the conflict and demise of the LTTE to control the economy of Tamil areas and to change the demography book was blurbed by everyone from noam chomsky to gareth evans and jon lee anderson Notesxxiii the way the Rajapaksa government rejected international investigation after the war and commissioned its own domestic inuiry to deflect international accountability is very reminiscent of Israeli strategiesxxiv anti Tamil riots in 1983 government orchestrated pogrom known as Black July killed several thousands and led to widespread emigration and growth of the Tamil Tigersxxv Sri Lanka has right wing monks whom politicians pay homage to with nationalistic claims to the land as Sinhalese based on obscure ancient Buddhist texts again just like Israel ICRC Int l Humanitarian Law and the Challenges of Contemporary Armed Conflicts the report observes that the global response to terrorism has boosted the government use of terrorplantation tamils suffer worst of all but have a uite separate storyBurgher community mixed European and Sri Lankan ancestry4 China armed the Sri Lankan gov t5 6 tragic assassination of Lasantha Wickrematunge who foretold his own death7 Tigers had history s only instance of an insurgent air force9 nothing has changed in the situation for tamils that lead to the birth of the Tigers12 Sri Lanka can usefully be compared with Israel another modern nation state that embraces two major ethnic groups while rejecting the full occupancy rights of one Ancient religious monuments are given ideologically driven useful meaning by modern governments some 2000 Vedda people are the remaining indigenous inhabitants of Sri Lanka14 the Mahavamsa is cited as literal evidence for the Sinhalese claim to the whole island as a matter of historical record and right Just as the Old Testament is treated as the literal command of God and an immutable force of nature by Zionist nationalists to dislodge the claims of others so the Mahavamsa is deemed to be the literal transmission of the Buddha s will 16 the British in the 19th Century were the ones to unearth the Mahavamsa and to interpret it as signifying Sinhalese historical claims to the entire island the Sinhalese were hailed as a kind of lost civilization an Aryan outpost dangling from the dark Dravidian underbelly of India 17 it was only after a ruinous coffee blight that Britain transformed Sri Lanka into a world famous tea exporting nation using tamil tea pickers in bonded labor18 tamils and sinhalese had lived side by side for 2000 years with little record of specifically ethnic or religious conflict and much fusion19 through the British Tamils came to occupy a class of highly educated professionals in the 19th and 20th centuries and were resented similar to the jews in europe22 there were attempts notably by Dharmapala to link the Sinhalese to Aryan lineages 26 fatal weaknesses in the tamil cause due to the division between the eastern indian tamils and the norther sri lankan tamils28 there was Sinhalese admiration in some uarters for Hitler in his era32 1956 saw passage of anti tamil legislation and mobs killed hundreds 35 the late 1980s witnessed brutal government repression killing tens of thousands of a Sinhalese youth Marxist movement40 this violent suppression of the JVP was supported with arms by the US among others41 circa 1972 Ceylon was rebranded Sri Lanka and various Buddhist signifiers were introduced the renaming seems to have been an exclusionary religious ethnic nationalist move43 tamils were driven out of education and civil administration in the late 50s and following decades46 48 Black July details49 the civil war with the LTTE was really sparked by Black July57 1987 marked first use by Tigers of a spectacular suicide attack66 Prabakharan was a fan of Phantom comics and Clint Eastwood movies as a boy67 PLO trained some tigers in the late 70s72 government was always far deadly against civilians than the Tigers88 tall palmyra trees the symbol of Tamil Nadu in India89 government bombed hospitals in violation of laws of war in its 2009 final assault on the LTTE91 Just as in Israel where Israeli children no longer speak Arabic and have never met a Palestinian conflict had entailed a total separation of nationalities Sri Lankan gov t told UN staff they were unable to guarantee the safety of their staff98 The LTTE placed guns close to hospitals uite possibly to intentionally draw fire to the hospitals103 government artillery fire was striking UN positions despite repeated coordinates being given to them just like Israel104 many civilians died from this shelling who had thought they d be safer near the UN107 in 2006 the government struck an LTTE school full of schoolgirls killing some 60 girls108 government argued it was a LTTE training camp114 government explained it bombed the hospital because it believed the LTTE leadership to be there HRW Repeated Sri Lankan artillery attacks striking known hospitals is evidence of war crimes 115 Weiss on whether hospitals retain special protection under international law when used to commit hostile acts The key determinant then is whether the anticipated advantage of destroying that capability outweighs the magnitude of the wrong committed when one kills civilians and medical staff or fighters who are hors de combat because of their wounds A hospital is in effect innocent until proven guilty There was no evidence senior Tiger leaders were at the PTK hospital or that it was an artillery base116 The Tigers certainly did use civilians as human shields and the Sri Lankan government justified attacks on civilian targets on such grounds Those who would defend Israel on this basis must also defend the Rajapaksa government which had a far stronger case against the Tigers117 The Sri Lankan military had for several years drove civilians from the front lines through the use of warning bombardments which themselves freuently resulted in civilian casualties to compel them to flee so reminiscent of Israel s door knocking bombs120 ICRC notoriously visited concentration camps in WWII and delegates failed to warn the world of any horrors they might have witnessed123 China Russia and India all blocked UN action to restrain Sri Lanka tho China on the SC was most significant124 the Tigers also used heavy artillery agains areas with civilian concentrations255n25 Traditional Sinhalese customs of polyandry polygamy easy divorce several marriages in a lifetime conflicted with Victorian British notions 280n8 Americans widely used declaration of free fire zone tactic in Vietnam and used it again on Fallujah in Nov 2004 the tactic contravenes customary international law which reuires positive identification of combatants280n9 proportionality see Rule 14 of ICRC compendium of customary international humanitarian law297n12 Sri Lanka also used drones over the battlefield the author calls them a constant meaning presence even without the capacity to fire missiles at targets 137 international journalists were largely relegated to their hotel rooms143 the Sri Lankan gov t convened its own commission of inuiry post war to prevent an international inuiry149 By 2010 there was wave of murders of street beggars reminiscent of Latin America in the dirty years155 Sri Lankan terrorism experts paraded around on television to explain the Tamil Tigers in coordination with Sri Lankan diplomats to buttress the government narrative of the conflict167 in Deuteronomy there are injunctions agains the cutting of enemy fruit trees169 the SLA drone fleet was obtained from Israel170 the final 16 week siege of the Tiger held areas resulted in 10000 to 40000 dead the size of the invading forces were similar to Cast Lead though the SLA siege was far lethal173 SLA restrictions of UN and Red Cross personnel 174 Sri Lankan gov t blamed all civilian casualties on the Tigers just like Israel179 US moved post war to increase support to Sri Lanka191 obliue reference to Jai Lalaitha and her political opportunism re Sri Lanka s tamils201 the author called the defeat of the Tigers The extinction of Tamil hopes for political and social euality 204 SLA strikes on hospitals220 The Sri Lankan gov t continues to operate death suads that leave dissidents in mortal fear A Sinhalese supremacist ideology prevails225 in the post war era the Tamil area has been broken up and populated with army camps It is ethnic cleansing of the Israeli rather than the Yugoslav variety 226 The prospects for a majority of Sri Lanka s Tamils do not look good 227 Walzer Just and Unjust Wars the revolutionary reveals his freedom in the same way as he earns it by directly confronting his enemies and refraining from attacks on anyone else 227 8 the government is committed to the complete subjugation of the Tamil population by force and an intention to sustain a grip over this restive group through terror and ethnic cleansing 229 US is worried about losing Sri Lanka to China and has therefore continued to attempt to curry favor

review The Cage

The Cage Free download Ý 7 review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon Weiss Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters Civil war perhaps tens of thousands of civilians were killed as government forces hemmed in the last remaining Tamil Tiger rebels on a tiny sand spit dubbed The Cage Gordon Weiss a journalist on the scene as the UN spokesman in Sri Lanka pulls back the curtain of government misinformation to tell the full story for the first timeTracing the role of foreign influence as it converged with a history of radical Buddhism and ethnic conflict The Cage is a harrowing portrait of the root causes and catastrophic conseuences of a revolutionary uprising caught in the crossfire of international power jockeying. Weiss book delves deeply into one of the filthiest of all the dirty little wars One would have to be heartless not to be challenged by the level of detail and analysis within the reportage but even so by the reprehensible culpability of action and inaction at various times across the history of this conflictThere are two types of reader I would recommend The Cage to1Those who know because they re unliklely to know this much and2Those who don t because they really should

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  1. says: KINDLE [The Cage] review The Cage

    Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon Weiss review The Cage Before their stunning defeat in 2009 the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were one of the most legendary militant organizations in contemporary history Their mystiue built in part on their global diaspora network their fearsome military capabilities they also pioneered the tactic of suicide bombing and their seeming invincibility made them one of the most successful insurgent groups on earth The fiefdom they established a nascent

  2. says: review The Cage KINDLE [The Cage]

    review The Cage KINDLE [The Cage] review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon Weiss A solid introduction to the end of the conflict and the background A damning indictment of the Rajapaksa government The army continues after

  3. says: KINDLE [The Cage]

    Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters KINDLE [The Cage] Although I bought the book months before I was waiting to read the book from the appropriate place My Home where I can feel as a Thamizh Before moving further I make sure that eventhough I have very deep sympathy towards the Sri Lankan Tamizhs and their cause of Eelam I don't have any soft corner for LTTE and their Ego For people who haven't had a chance to know the core issue like me this book provides a detailed accoun

  4. says: KINDLE [The Cage]

    KINDLE [The Cage] Weiss’ book delves deeply into one of the filthiest of all the ‘dirty little wars’ One would have to be he

  5. says: KINDLE [The Cage]

    KINDLE [The Cage] Never knew something of this sort has been written and published from Canberra And author seems to be a professor in University of Sydney Very well at the least I have come to know about it now and read it Exceptional and a balanced book about 2009 war SL war None in the market does justice to the SL war as this book even the Samanth Subramaniyam's is kind of travelogue Solid introduction about the reasons be

  6. says: KINDLE [The Cage]

    Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters KINDLE [The Cage] I read this while traveling through Sri Lanka and while it doesn't paint a pretty picture of the country it was helpful to get some background information about the civil war that took place there The first few chapters give you a good idea of the country's history from the origins of the Sinhalese and Tamil cultures in Sri Lanka to the recent political events that fueled the war The author also does a great job of gathering accounts from

  7. says: review The Cage KINDLE [The Cage]

    KINDLE [The Cage] At heart I don't think Gordon Weiss is a long form writer He was formerly a UN official and the prose and struc

  8. says: KINDLE [The Cage]

    Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon Weiss KINDLE [The Cage] uite a revealing narration on the SL war that rolled out as one without witnesses For most who would not want to accept th

  9. says: KINDLE [The Cage]

    review The Cage Gordon Weiss Ò 7 characters KINDLE [The Cage] This is a great read Not just because it has given a good insight about what happened in those horrid days but also for the style of

  10. says: review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ò Gordon Weiss KINDLE [The Cage]

    KINDLE [The Cage] Essential reading for anyone studying The causes and final stages of the Sri Lankan conflict Extremely well written 'The Cage' provides a compelling insight on the factors that would sow the seeds of insurrection and the policies of successive governments that would ultimately bring on it's bloody end

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