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  • Where Love Is There God Is Also
  • Leo Tolstoy
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  • 12 August 2020
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Leo Tolstoy Ó 4 Read

review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Leo Tolstoy Where Love Is There God Is Also Read ↠ 104 Leo Tolstoy Ó 4 Read Ackaged book includes three tales Where Love Is There God Is Also The Hermits and What. Ubi caritas et amor Deus ibi est There is an old parable often told and I will give you the most abridged summary of it I can A man is trapped on his house during a flood and the water is rising He ask God to help him and after numerous attempts by people to rescue him by boat and helicopter fail because he is assured God will come and rescue him he dies He goes to heaven and ask why God did not come down and save him and God says I sent you boats AND a helicopter what did you think that was Tolstoy is not satisfied that the flood parable is efficient enough to convey that point or any substantial one so he writes his own take on looking for God We meet Martin a shoe repairman who has had a lot of difficulty in his life and after a crisis of faith wants to rededicate himself to God on a basic level He falls asleep one evening while reading the New Testament and hears a voice he takes to be Christ saying he will visit Martin tomorrow Martin becomes anxious as he has no idea whether the voice was real or not but as the day starts he makes preparations for a visitorI will stop there as that is the point where Tolstoy starts to work his magic I first heard about this story as a kid when a Christmas themed cartoon that adapted this story would show on television Though this story is not a Christmas story it contains a very universal message of the godliness of love and charity which is why Tolstoy named it after the Christan hymn of the same name Though I have not read any of his novels Tolstoy is a master of short stories from what I have read

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Where Love Is There God Is Also

review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Leo Tolstoy Where Love Is There God Is Also Read ↠ 104 Leo Tolstoy Ó 4 Read Men Live ByTolstoy is best known for his classic works War and Peace and Anna Karenin. The world moves not by our skill but by God s willYou are in despair because you wish to live for your own happiness Classic tale of shoemaker Martin Avdeith who has a dream in which Christ tells him He will come visit him the next day While waiting for a visit from Christ Martin helps 3 others instead At the end of the day he is wondering why the Savior did not come Martin realizes that the Savior really had come to him that day and he had received Him as he reads Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me Catchy title one of my very favorite primary songs

review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Leo Tolstoy

review ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Leo Tolstoy Where Love Is There God Is Also Read ↠ 104 Leo Tolstoy Ó 4 Read Written by one of the world's most famous and beloved storytellers this attractively p. It is fitting on Christmas Day to read a story about love After all love came down at ChristmasMartuin Avdyeitch is a humble shoemaker a good man whose Job like suffering has caused him to wish he is dead It is hard to keep the faith when life gets out of control and God seems absent An encounter with an old man encouraged him to read the New Testament and his spiritual perspective starts to shift Tolstoy said And the he read the he understood and the brighter and happier it grew in his heart Martuin has a remarkably teachable soul And he began to measure his life by these words Martuin lives in a little basement room with only one window from which he has the habit of looking out onto the street Even though all he could see are the feet of the passer bys he recognizes the people by their boots One day God comes visiting in the most unexpected ways on that familiar street and Martuin learns that He is not absent after allWhat a heartwarming story I never knew Tolstoy wrote stories with a spiritual theme I am glad to have read one