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[EBOOK / KINDLE] The Crime Trade by Simon Kernick

  • Paperback
  • 464
  • The Crime Trade
  • Simon Kernick
  • English
  • 03 August 2020
  • 9780552150651

Simon Kernick ↠ 4 Free read

Read & Download The Crime Trade The Crime Trade Summary Û 104 Simon Kernick ↠ 4 Free read Now determines to go it aloneEnter DI John Gallan and his partner DS Tina Boyd part of the Serious Crime Suad investigating the murder of ex gangster turned informer Slim Robbie O'Brien Slim Robbie had helped Gallan and Boyd set up the operation and is now dead too shot with his mother in his council flat in Islington while events at Heathrow were taking place Meanwhile Stegs Jenner is working to his own agenda developing a plan he's been thinking about for a. Some readers will enjoy this than I did The British police procedural comes in a few forms and in this instance we see the nastier and less teamworking side of London crime I found it unusual that the narration jumps from a third person to a first person Then the first person is a man DI John Gallan not the female called DS Tina Boyd who is the overall title of the series Seems to me that the book came first and the series came later When we are in third person which is most of the time we often follow a man called Stegs Jenner who would be an antihero if he was worthy of the title but really comes across as pathetic Maybe there are policing units where a cop can spend his life sinking pints and swallowing speed Maybe no police dog has ever sniffed him and sat with eager ears at his feet waiting for the handler to notice And maybe some criminals really don t notice if they leave fingerprints trace evidence and hairs all over the place the author doesn t seem to care Discipline and teamwork are appalling and I found no sense of cohesion whatsoever among the coppers perhaps because they kept on being pulled off one job and put on another with no regard for who worked with whom or was expert at what North and east London are the main districts worked no very scenic locations We are shown a web of plots and characters many of whom are mere names like a gangster family and all of whom on the criminal side live by drugs prostitution and threats Anyway expect violence gory death strong language and sexual references from the start Almost all characters are male and we get only a few pages of female viewpoint If that s not your scene try Ruth Rendell s Inspector Wexford books or Cynthia Harrod Eagles s DI Bill Slider books

Read & Download The Crime Trade

The Crime Trade

Read & Download The Crime Trade The Crime Trade Summary Û 104 Simon Kernick ↠ 4 Free read When Operation Surgical Strike a police sting designed to catch Colombian drug traffickers in the act of selling a large consignment of cocaine to undercover police officers in a Heathrow hotel goes horribly wrong suspicion uickly falls on one of the officers involved 'Stegs' Jenner But Stegs is no ordinary undercover cop Something of a maverick with a cheuered disciplinary record he's always lived life on the edge With his close friend dead in the shoot out he. 35 stars rounded up for this one Not really sure where to start with this one first half of the book I wasnt uite sure what to make of this I m a big fan of Kernick having read 8 other books of his I read Relentless before which is installment 2 of the Tina Boyd series so I thought I would go back to the beginning We are introduced to Stegs Jenner undercover cop involved in taking down a Colombian drug bust with colleague Paul Yokes Vokermann when things don t go according to plan The fall out from the drug bust sees Stegs pit his wits against the rest of the force as all his colleagues are keen to point out his flaws and suspicious circumstances surrounding Operation Surgical Strike hoping I got the name right In steps DI John Gallan and DS Tina Boyd who were involved in setting up the operation to take down the Colombian drug bust Trying to deal with the blowback at how the operation went asunder John and Tina go to work in putting the pieces back together to try find out how it could have all went wrong John and Tina meanwhile are involved in a behind the scenes relationship outside the workplace and agree to keep it from their colleagues for now as the relationship develops For the first 20% or so I wasnt really convinced I was going to enjoy this we were introduced to a graphic violent scene around this as we discover a bit about Stegs undercover operations that have lead him to this point I found his character hard to like and much preferred the moments of DI John Gallan and DS Tina Boyd investigative movements leading them on this case The book s pace increased as I hit the 50% mark and became enjoyable and ended up coming to a worthwhile conclusion at the end As I am a big fan of Kernick I will read Deadline Tina Boyd 3 and see if the series progresses much better than the first one

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Read & Download The Crime Trade The Crime Trade Summary Û 104 Simon Kernick ↠ 4 Free read Long long time Revenge he decides is a dish best taken very very cold But is he the man the police are afterAs Gallan Boyd and DI Asif Malik inch ever nearer to the man responsible for the Heathrow shooting they uncover a murderous conspiracy that will take them to the heart of one of London's most notorious criminal gangs What they cannot know is that they've also embarked on a collision path that will lead one of them straight into the rifle sights of the ene. Thoroughly enjoyed this book He is now in my top 3 authors I love it when I find a good author who grips me from start to finish