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KINDLE [Lebendige Schatten]

  • Paperback
  • 378
  • Lebendige Schatten
  • Cornelia Funke
  • Spanish
  • 18 June 2018
  • null

Cornelia Funke ☆ 4 characters

Lebendige Schatten characters ´ 104 La maldición mortal de una hada se aloja en el corazón de Jacob Reckless Ha intentado deshacer el embrujo por todos los medios pero ha sido en vano la polilla sobre su pecho ennegrece cada día sello de su sentencia de muerte Cuando pierde casi t. Love was lost so terrifyingly easily This was so good Maybe even better than book 1I loved returning to the Mirrorworld with all its magical dangerous and fantastical creatures and secrets Jacob managed to save his brother during book 1 but at a very high cost This cost is now demanding to be paid and Jacob s life is on the line He and his best friend Fox the shape shifting girl are on a race against time to find the head hand and heart of a warlock who hides a hidden crossbow which could be his saviour Unfortunately there is a stone man Goyl who is also after the crossbow for his own means and is willing to kill Jacob in the process An action filled fantasy full of dark magic and twisted fairytales Cannot wait to read book 3

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Lebendige Schatten characters ´ 104 á mar y tierra un castillo embrujado la tenebrosa Ciudad Muerta; se enfrentará a un terrible barbazul un siniestro goyl cazador de tesoros y a una de las criaturas más sombrías ue jamás imaginó; pero el rival más poderoso de Jacob es el tiem. Yesterday May 1 was a legal holiday in Germany and with nothing else to do I decided to declutter my entire room whilst listening to the audiobook of the second instalment in the Reckless series Mind you the audiobook is 10 hours long and I listened to 9 hours yesterday I did zone out a bit towards the end CAN YOU BLAME ME THO but at least got a shit ton of cleaning done and managed to get rid of six bags full of shit I don t need any Since this is a reread for me I was still able to follow along the story uite nicely even though I wasn t always the most attentive First and foremost just like for part one the audiobook is fucking awesome I enjoy Rainer Strecker s narration a lot and I appreciate that he s trying to give the different characters in the series distinct voices albeit with differing success the breathy and clammy voice that he gave the Auarius was so nasty I cannot deal D Additionally I absolutely adore the musical choices for this audiobook Every chapter ends with the most atmospheric music that fits the narrative so nicely I am obsessed I never thought it would be this way but the music really helped me to immerse myself in the story Plot wise the second instalment is much stronger than the first one Since we already know our favorite main characters Jacob and Fox Cornelia doesn t loose her breath on exposition She picks the story right up where she left it at the end of Reckless 1 Jacob was able to save his brother but had to sacrifice his own life for it The Dark Fairy put a moth to his chest so that he only has one year left to live before she reclaims her name and his life for herself In this year Jacob tried everything in his might to escape his inevitable death chasing after all of those miracles and myths like the Fountain of Youth but nothing worked Just as he s about to give up he learns of a magical crossbow of a long dead witch king that if fired out of love is able to give life to the person that is shot Alongside with Fox Jacob starts hunting the lost artefact But this wouldn t be a good adventure if the goyl Nerron wouldn t be searching the crossbow as well since if you fire it at an army commander all of his soldiers die In this book Cornelia draws a lot from French and British fairy tales as most of the plot is set in Lothringen and Albion the pendant to France and England respectively One creature that is explored deeply is the Bluebeard On their hunt for the crossbow Fox is abducted by the Bluebeard Troiscler and Jacob tries to save her This is one of my favorite moments in the entire series because a Cornelia manages to weave these fairy tales so seamlessly into her plots that everything actually fits and moves the story along and b we finally get our long needed exploration of Jacob and Fox s love for each other The fact that both care deeply about the other is clear from page 1 but I like the fact that as Fox grows into a woman they both realise that they might be than friends Not gonna lie they are my OTP and all of their tender moments gave me absolutely the feels I love how slowly their relationship is developing and that a kiss on the cheeks or a hug that lasts a little too long are the only signs of their growing relationship that we get to see Connie is the ueen of slow burn Overall I really enjoyed that Connie found a good balance between giving both characters and plot the time they need and deserve The showdown between Jacob and Nerron was thrilling even though I have to admit that their clash in the castle of the witch king was the part where I zoned out since it came at the end Nonetheless I liked the twist at the end where Jacob realised that there must be mirrors that lead in and out of the Mirrorworld and that he saw this as his opportunity to flee and save him and Fox out of this tough spot Miranda s epilogue also gave me the hope that the Red Fairy and the Dark Fairy of course will continue to play a huge role and will try to make Jacob s life like hell Also what s up with the Earl King Can t wait to find out about him and what he wants from my baby boy

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Cornelia Funke

Lebendige Schatten characters ´ 104 Oda la esperanza Valiant le habla de una cura para revertir el hechizo una ballesta mágica Sin embargo antes deberá encontrar la mano el corazón y la cabeza del dueño de la antigua arma Con sólo unos meses de vida y acompañado de Fux recorrer. The second volume about Jacob Reckless the boy who found another world behind a black mirror and fox his shape shifting friend well than just a friend if both are honestWhen I opened the book I was very disappointed because where the first book was filled with the author s illustrations this only had little ones at the beginning of each chapter It felt lifeless in comparison to the first volume When asking Cornelia Funke here on Goodreads she told me that she had wanted to include but the publisher was against it I was so mad I sent them an e mail scolding them lol I actually wanted to deduct a star for that However after finishing the book I simply can t The story is so fast paced thrilling fantastical and the writing stlye pure magic itself that it would be a sin So let s just say that I deduct a symbolic star OKAs said in my review for the first part Cornelia Funke is a master of the German language Whenever she writes she breathes life into every line playing with words as well as entire tales making the reading experience a delightIn this second book after Jacob managed to rescue his brother he now has to face the wrath of the Red Fairy her sister s curse that is about to kill him Naturally he doesn t want to die and after finally finding out about a weapon powerful enough to save him a suspenseful and desperate search begins This time there s also competition in form of another treasure hunter and a mysterious benefactor who definitely has his own agenda But beggars cant be choosersMoreover we are introduced to even countries rulers and magical creatures of the Mirrorworld and the author effortlessly weaves our tales with those behind the mirrorWhat actually made me sad was to read of all the progress in Mirrorworld I guess it happens everywhere at some point but to have a world full of magic and wonder and fairy tale creatures only to see all of that give way to machines and industries the heavy smoke of factories replacing the scent of enchanted flowers the sound of cars and cannons replacing the songs of sirens almost all the forests being cut down to feed fires in mines and metal factories and creatures going extinct one people killing another with guns and rifles and even airplanes Witches can still cure things mordern medicine can t at least the black witches can and some creatures cannot be killed with bullets but that is only cold comfort In short my heart bledI can only hope that the 3rd book that leads us to the cold East where Russian fairy tales rule will bring back the magic stop progress I couldn t bear to see Mirrorworld becoming our world