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PDF Blackberry Winter

  • Paperback
  • 286
  • Blackberry Winter
  • Sarah Jio
  • English
  • 01 September 2020
  • 9780452298385

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Sarah Jio È 0 Free read Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Sarah Jio Summary Blackberry Winter Covering up any trace of his tracks or the perpetrator'sSeattle 2010 Seattle Herald reporter Claire Aldridge assigned to cover the May 1 blackberry winter storm and its twin learns of the unsolved abduction and vows to unearth the truth In the process she finds that she and Vera may be linked in unexpected wa. This book was abysmal The only reason I m giving it 2 stars instead of one is because I actually read to the end I ll save the 1 star rating for books I don t finish Let s start off with what initially attracted me to Blackberry Winter I love the cover and the blurb on the back sounded interesting I was expecting an intelligent read with everything I ve come to expect from that genre that calls Literary Fiction I guess that s why I shouldn t judge a book by its coverWhat else did I like about this book Not much I guess I kept reading because I wanted to find out what happened to Daniel Ray the three year old boy who went missing in 1933 If that was not part of the plot I probably would have stopped reading after Chapter 7 where we meet Charles Vera Ray s love interestHere s where we get into what I didn t like about this book The list is long so grab a coffee or something Charles is so good he makes me want to puke At first I thought the author must be yanking my chain I mean what young rich man wants to trade his life with a bus boy during the Great Depression so he can be free Blech seriously I just did not buy it And the fact that he fell in love with Vera at first sight Come on Why Was she pretty or smart I honestly don t know what her appeal was except that she was poor and maybe Charles was looking for some variety but they really didn t have any chemistry It was basically Hi being rich is overrated you re poor but cute let s dance I love you For real If you think I m exaggerating pick this book up flip to chapter seven and see if you don t gag I dare youI hated absolutely HATED all the coincidences and parallel situations between Claire and Vera s lives This aspect of the book was so overdone I actually laughed Out loud Like Vera is poor and working class Claire is from a working class background Vera s little boy was abducted Claire lost her baby in a tragic accident Vera falls in love with a rich young man Claire falls in love with a rich young man Charles gives Vera a sapphire bracelet Ethan gives Claire a sapphire bracelet Charles s sister is a mega bitch Ethan s sister is a mega bitch Vera lived in a building where Claire now goes for coffee every day Vera goes for a sandwich at Pike Place Market And you got it Claire goes for the same stinkin sandwich at the same stinkin diner I am not even kiddingAnd don t get me started on the blackberry vinesThe whole plot was completely unrealistic I m not saying that I have to read books with realistic plots I ve been known to enjoy paranormal books dystopian books and even fantasy books where the plot is anything but realistic But I was expecting that this book would be at least somewhat believable I ll give you a couple of examples of what I m talking about Claire gets hit by a car and her unborn child is killed Believable yes it could happen What I didn t believe is that nobody went after the driver of the car Seriously If that happened to me I d be after retribution big time Everybody that Claire interviews about her story is so freakin nice Like the elderly lady who invites her over to her million dollar home to snoop around Oh you didn t find anything Here dear let me show you into the top secret compartment Oh you want my father s briefcase that he brought to work everyday and probably has extreme sentimental value for me Okay just make sure you bring it back dear Give me a breakArgh just thinking about it pisses me off I could go on and on about the crap in this book but to wrap it up let me just say that if you want a book where you re beat over the head with impossibilities every page go for it If not stay far far away

Summary Blackberry WinterBlackberry Winter

Sarah Jio È 0 Free read Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Sarah Jio Summary Blackberry Winter Tle 1933 Single mother Vera Ray kisses her three year old son Daniel goodnight and departs to work the night shift at a local hotel She emerges to discover that a May Day snow has blanketed the city and that her son has vanished Outside she finds his beloved teddy bear lying face down on an icy street the snow. This story intricately weaves the events surrounding the disappearance of a 3 year old boy Daniel Ray in 1933 with a journalist s Claire Aldridge search for answers in present day There s a somewhat mystical element in how seemingly unrelated situations converge to help unravel the mystery The transitions were done skillfully using Claire s journey as a means for her to confront and face her own paralyzing grief I really enjoyed how the story was presented as much as the actual tale The realities of the divide between the wealthy and poor during the Depression era was realistic and enlightening It s an interesting story with other very strong themes that give it weight

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Sarah Jio È 0 Free read Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Sarah Jio Summary Blackberry Winter In 2011 Sarah Jio burst onto the fiction scene with two sensational novels The Violets of March and  The Bungalow With  Blackberry Winter taking its title from a late season cold weather phenomenon Jio continues her rich exploration of the ways personal connections can transcend the boundaries of time Seat. This is a very special novel to me I dedicated it to my three young sons and to mothers everywhere who have lost children I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it xo