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PDF Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama

  • ebook
  • 288
  • Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama
  • Bill OReilly
  • English
  • 24 December 2019
  • 9780062010605

Bill OReilly ê 4 Summary

Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê Bill OReilly Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama Summary ☆ 104 Mericans through the extensive transformations sweeping their country and explains exactly what these profound changes mean for every one of u. Okay so in general I despise these kinds of books Some pompous ass on one side or the other of to political aisle telling me what is best for me O Reilly lays a great deal of emphasis trying to asert that he is an independent After reading this I have to say I am almost likely to believe that the Pope is a Protestant first Don t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a Republican ore a Democrat or whatever political persuasion you choose but when you hide it in a book like this the uestion has to be why For the most part after reading the book I think it is he is fooling himself He is kind of funny in a way He stresses how fair he is going to be and then turns around and proves that mostly he will be but he does have an anti left slant Again not all that unexpected However he does some pretty confusing things when he starts talking about what makes someone a Patriot or a Pinhead I think he might need a new copy of Webster s His definition of a Patriot is someone who puts others ahead of themselves Ah what Did I miss something growing up What part of severing your Nation is involved in that definition By that definition the Pope is a Patriot the current one that is And while he may be the King of the Vatican City I don t think that his washing the feet of Prisoners on Easter makes him a Patriot A nice guy a good Catholic sure Patriot no For an clear example of how unbalanced his view on this he decides that G HW Bush is a Patriot for what he did as President but since he only has a small an unclear presentation of what that was it is kind of odd He completely ignores the fact that Papa Bush severed in WWII and was shot down I am surprised that the VFW hasn t written a massive protest on that definition Of course I just might have missed it His use of Pinhead can be fun sometimes as well He rags on Madonna for moving to England and adopting a faux British Accent And not giving enough of her money to non trendy charities This from someone that says things like how much money is too much they earned it they can do with it what they want The one that really got me was the rant on an individual where he listed the reasons why he was a Pinhead and number one was the fact that he was an Atheist I have to say that even suggesting that someones religion or lack thereof has anything to do with whether or not someone is Pinhead actually makes you one Religious fanatics are always a pain in the kester since they are always arguing about whose God is the right one Hell just accept the fact that there are a bucket load of people out there that don t believe like you do and you will be much happier in life He also makes a big deal about wanting the government to be non intrusive and spend less money Then has the gall to suggest that the way to deal with illegal immigrants is for the Government to call up the National Guards of the various states involved Something that is both intrusive and spendy as hell Ignore how well it would or wouldn t do in regards to stopping illegals from coming into the country calling up the National Guard of any state with affect the economy in two ways First most of those individuals have jobs jobs that their employers have to hold for them for a certain amount of time Yep no economic impact there Top that off with the fact that now they are on the National Military salary that means that the National Government has to spend the money to keep them in the field Something that states have wisely declined to do on their own And he points to this as his well thought out plan Makes me glad he is just a mouth piece for Fox News and not a government official All in all the book was balanced than any other in the genre I have read Which is faint praise indeed but when you are running with the likes of Micheal Moore and Ann Coulter it is to be expected I would suggest if you are going to read a political viewpoint book this one is a good one just make sure that when you are done before praising him and walking the line he puts forward do the research and fact check him After all if he thinks that BP is actually a British Company some fact checking is in order

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Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama

Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê Bill OReilly Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama Summary ☆ 104 Pinheads and Patriots In this brave hard hitting provocative volume the author of Culture Warrior and A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity guides A. 15 to 20 stars Let me begin by saying that I like Bill O Reilly and agree with a number though not all of the positions he takes in this book That said this book was a BIG disappointment Despite preaching to the choir on those matters on which I agree with his conclusion I thought Bill s arguments were overly simplistic and did not provide the level of detail necessary to be persuasive I was reading it going come on Bill you are on the right track now dig in a little and provide some helpful analysis The analysis never came I did like the chapter in which Bill opines on people as being either pinheads or patriots as well as the transcript of the interview with then Senator Obama which I thoguht was interesting Both of those saved the book from getting the dreaded 1 star rating

Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê Bill OReilly

Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê Bill OReilly Pinheads and Patriots Where You Stand in the Age of Obama Summary ☆ 104 Television host razor sharp political pundit and #1 bestselling author Bill O’Reilly focuses in on where we all stand in the Age of Obama in. This book is a 1 New York Times Best Seller for a reason I ve read several of the previous books by Bill O Reilly including The No Spin Zone Who s Looking Out For You The O Reilly Factor For Kids I m still a kid at heart Culture Warrior and A Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity I even read O Reilly s only novel Those Who Trespass A Novel of Television and Murder And I watch the O Reilly Factor almost every weekday night either at 8pm or the repeat showing at 11pm So you could say I like the guy a little bit O Reilly is a lot like me a right of middle person not influenced by the pinheads who populate the far left or the far right ends of the political spectrum Certainly he s not as far right as the man whose show follows his Sean Hannity who never gives the Democrats or liberals even one tiny accolade no matter how exemplary their actions may be In his No Spin Zone O Reilly tells it like it is and woe to his guest who doesn t answer the uestion he asks and goes off on a tangent or inane talking point I had drill sergeants in boot camp less intimidating than O Reilly when he s hot Just ask Barney Frank who O Reilly filleted from throat to sternum then down his flabby back Every evening O Reilly ends his show with a segment called Pinheads and Patriots Some nights a person who had been a Pinhead in the past now does something that elevates them to Patriot status And vice versa O Reilly begins Pinheads and Patriots with the definition of a pinhead by A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English Pinhead a simple fellow a fool So small a head contain but few brains Then he follows with the Urban Dictionary s version One who lacks the intelligence of the normal sector of the human population one who cannot handle the most mundane tasks due to lack of common sense and intelligence Then he names names Patriot The late Tony Snow who was a Fox News anchor then later chief spokesman for the Bush White House Snow died after a two year battle with cancer O Reilly wrote Tony Snow is the bravest man I ever met He explains why Pinhead Democratic Congressman Barney Frank who O Reilly lambastes under the heading The Cowardly Lion Frank the chairman of the House Financial Services committee than anyone else was responsible for the present mortgage crisis Frank oversaw the disaster of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and even said months before the collapse that things were fine and dandy with those two mortgage giants Yet when he appeared on the O Reilly Factor Frank refused to accept even one iota of blame He said he was a victim of economic chaos Pinhead for sure Since President Obama is on the cover facing O Reilly you d think O Reilly had him lined up for Pinhead dom Not true O Reilly points out several instances where Obama was a true Patriot He cites the time at a Town Hall meeting on Father s Day when Obama said to men who father children and leave them Just because your father wasn t there for you that s not an excuse for you to be absent also it is all the reason for you to be present You have an obligation to break the cycle and learn from those mistakes and to rise up where your own fathers fell short and to do better than they did with your own children Truly the words of a Patriot Before the Presidential election Obama shunned any interview with Fox News except with one person Bill O Reilly In Pinheads and Patriots O Reilly gives us the complete transcript of his interview with Obama which lasted about 30 minutes Then at intervals he explains how things Obama said in the interview either panned out or didn t pan out for the President He also takes Obama to task for not admitting he was wrong about the surge in Ira Obama admits in the interview that the surge worked but stops short of giving then President Bush any credit at all The back and forth went like this Obama What I have said is I have already said it s the surge has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams O Reilly Right so why can t you just say I was wrong about the surge Obama hems and haws but never once did he say I was wrong And as we have found out in the 21 months of his Presidency he may be incapable of saying he was wrong about anything except maybe about the White Sox winning the World Series One of the best chapters in the book is entitled My All Time Favorite P Ps Without me giving away who s who and what s what O Reilly gives his opinion on amongst others Abraham Lincoln Teddy Roosevelt Andrew Jackson US Grant Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford Robert Kennedy both Bush s Cesar Chavez John Edwards Madonna Janis Joplin Jim Morrison and George Soros Some of his conclusions may surprise you On O Reilly s website the book sells for 2795 but he throws in a nifty Pinheads and Patriots tote bag I got mine at com for less than 16 bucks and because I have Prime I got free shipping but no tote bag Pinheads and Patriots is must reading for any O Reilly fan And even people who are not too crazy about O Reilly should enjoy reading this even handed book too Unless you re a Pinhead Then there s nothing I can do for you anyway