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EBOOK or KINDLE (The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972–1976) by Eric Basso

  • Paperback
  • 186
  • The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972-1976
  • Eric Basso
  • English
  • 02 December 2019
  • 9781878580351

Eric Basso ✓ 7 Summary

The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972-1976 Summary Ö 7 characters Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Eric Basso N which the great horse appears in a new guise and concludes with the harrowing odyssey of a masked man in a fogbound city turned upside down by a plague of sleeping sickness The Beak Doctor. Read The Beak Doctor in The Weird A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories It was lauded in the intro as a having had a cult following among avant garde gothic writers since it was first published by the Chicago Review in 1977 Since the Gothic and the Avant Garde are two of my favourite things I was eagerly holding my breath for greatness However I m not sure if that greatness ever cameIt starts with a plague doctor the name of the text is from the famous beak masks these plague doctors used to wear going to a house to see a plague victim Her father an old man has found her in the street and he and the plague doctor hover over her in the shuttered half light It says a lot that the thing that has stuck with me most from this story is the nauseatingly vivid description of her plague infected genitalia One pinpoint of grotesue realism in the midst of an endless monologue of amorphous stutteringOur protagonist the plague doctor then leaves the house and goes out into the fog obscured streets He is trying to find a place what that place is or where it is is unclear It is the metaphorical end point of the narrative During this journey the protagonist and plot is diffused Instead we have a mosaic like procession of dream like images and sensations with no central point or focus Don t get me wrong the prose is beautiful the language distilled to a fine point However it still left me cold I am not a person who is into straightforward realist narratives but this left me gasping for something anything to hold on to Unfortunately that something never arrived The text felt intensely self indulgent and artificial with the images becoming so opaue and repetitive that there was no space left for the reader The paragraphs that had felt so breathtaking at first lost all sense of emotional urgency when repeated ad finitum leaving a work that felt turgid and staticBasso said that he got a lot of his inspiration from his dreams And this work clearly demonstrates that fact For much of it you feel like a guest in somebody else s nightmare I love this I love how Burroughs does it I love how surreal writers and film makers do it Do I love how Basso does it Truthfully no I don t The Beak Doctor is an amazing work of art but one that is to be admired not enjoyed

review The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972-1976

The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972-1976

The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972-1976 Summary Ö 7 characters Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Eric Basso Us resurrection moves on through a uest for the great horse who rules a subterranean polar kingdom an atmospheric cycle of short prose pieces a tragicomic roman noir set in exotic Istanbul i. The short fiction included are all highly enjoyable works of experimental horror but the titular novella is the real highlight hear an absolute masterclass in atmosphere and the uncanny Dense to the point of being basically indecipherable it s a piece propelled entirely by mood It s impressive if a mood piece manages to sustain its momentum for 15 pages Miraculous if its 30 pages Practically unheard of as a full 85 pager The most compelling story I ve never understood a lick of

characters Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Eric Basso

The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972-1976 Summary Ö 7 characters Õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Eric Basso For years Eric Basso's novella The Beak Doctor has sustained a cult reputation among a hard core of avant garde writers This collection of short stories begins with a tale of death and hideo. This is a phenomenal novella demanding multiple reads coupled with short works of fiction I first discovered it in The Weird edited by the VanderMeers and lucked into a copy of this edition awhile later It concerns the wanderings of a doctor in a mist saturated town plagued by a sleeping sickness There isn t a great deal of plot and as such it has been described as Joycean in certain respects due primarily to the reader being subjected to a stream of consciousness narration from the protagonist s perspective This is a work of tone atmosphere and character all of which are handled excellently Although there may be influences from Joyce as well as Kubin Basso s voice is distinct among them and worth reading People with an interest in the Rabelaisiancarnivalesue will also find much to dissect